[Been sick.. oO..]
oO.. fun, fun, fun..

Sorry I haven't updated during the week-days but I've had a mess of h.w. and catch-up to do since I missed school Tuesday.. X|

as Monday progressed, I didn't feel well..

It turned around; it went from me taking care of mom -to mom taking care of me.. [luff yoO.. ♥.o]

I got the stomach flu.. yay... [x.X]

I threw up a total of three times that night and had to re-clean the bathroom twice.. XD [luff yoO.. ♥.o]
I stayed on my recliner the whole day- nothing easing my pain..

after I finished cleaning the house for mom, I had left-over pizza for breakfast ..XD
..but I tasted it all day until after my first bathroom clean..

mom makes me tea.. stays in my stomach for like 1hr until I smell dinner lose it.. xX
I stick with water and caffinated coke and even that doesn't stay in my stomach pit..
I slept lightly, too.. which says something (I almost slept through the 1994 Earthquake) [heh.. heh..]
so I didn't eat anything except water and coke until dinner on Tuesday.. my stomach was still sensitive..

I couldn't even walk after laying in the recliner for so long..
I stumbled and clung onto the walls as I made my way upstairs..
I took a very hot herbal bath, got changed and decided to stay upstairs and go to bed..

The whole time, I didn't even have a fever..

[I'll edit this later.. enjoy..] oO

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