..[written by my brother]..

Blank Literature By Steven S.

I can feel the power.
I don't know how to express it.
It's like a prison but with no walls.
The girls taunt me, the windows creak.
I hear footsteps as kids turn in their will.
The Testament says, one shall not lie, many have to, to stay alive.
They yell all day, with screams and hollers throughout the hall.
All cheat and cuss no question of that.
Maybe it from what one learns.
They have holidays of all sorts.
Some for no reason and some for.
In the past year or so, there has been sorrow where many dead heats are broken.
For what is life?
All laughter?
All screams?
And yet there are some who are considered cool.
Some are considered preppy.
And some are considered geeky.
For what is life, now that you mention it.
No one knows, or maybe it is what it is.
The slander, markers write on the wall or paper.
No one knows except the one who did it.
What does it say, what does it mean?
People hate, people love.
What is love?
What is hate?
No one knows, everyone says they do, but they're just assumptions.
No, less.
Guesses to be answered.
No, even less.
What is good?
What is bad?
No one knows.
What is cool, what is not?
The world consist one thing.
Yet, I sit with Blank Literature.
For what is life?
What is the meaning of it?
Like I said once before, I feel the power because I don't feel.
Maybe you can.
As the testament says: One shall not believe in another.
But he did not answer our question;
What is God?
copyrighted-Steven S.-2003™

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