busy morning.. I woke up about 7:00am.. then went back to sleep.. XD

I then woke up at 9:00am.. and got up.. xP

At first I was gonna go straight here and type my boring life to my fans [x.X]

Then, as I came down.. I saw the tornado that was left last night..;

*Went in the kitchen*: a load of dishes just sitting in the sink- not rinsed or cleaned off next to an empty dishwasher.. :K
*Looked at the table*: newspapers everywhere- spread all over the table.. along w/ other papers, too.. O.O
*Went in the living room*: cups just sitting on the table- they could have at least been in the sink.. x.x
*Continue in the living room*: newspaper comics littering the floor along with doodle papers, and a stack of unused printing paper.. @.x
*Looks at Coffee Table in the corner* -untouched-: a mess of crap sprawled over the table (can't even see it), and dust bunnies hiding underneath.. o.O
*Looks at broken Pinball machine*: more crap on top- as if it was a table.. !_!

And even more stuff- if imaginable..!

Since my dad and brother can't be left to do anything responsible, or sensible, or useful to the house..
and my mom is sick.. =/

Instead of going on the computer and having fun.. :
I rinsed off all the dishes and loaded them in the dishwasher..
Cleared off the table and put all newspapers in a paper bag to throw out..
Clean up computer table and put the cups in the dishwasher..
Re-organized the entertainment center a bit, and also organized all the videos and placed them in their rack..
Put the comics in the paper bag with the other newspapers.. threw out the doodled papers.. and the unused paper put back in the printer..
Threw out a ton of the crap from the coffee table, and the rest went in my brother's room- where they belonged..
Chased the dust bunnies away and dusted up their burrow..
The books and items were taken off the arcade and in my brothers room..
The laundry is re-run since the towels weren't dry, and then rotated to clean more dirty clothing..

And yet, I still have to vacuum my room, the hallway, the living room.. and clean my bathroom and probably the down-stairs one aswell..
But I'll probably have Steven do it..

[evil.. me?]

Besides.. I ALSO have to work on my Practice Research Report #3 for English- due Wednesday.. I don't like to wait last minute.. bad habit.. -_-;

I would also like to do something fun, today.. oO

gOOD lUCK to me.. -_-'

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