Valentines' Day is a lame attempt to be the most Romantic day of the year..

I don't know if anyone else relizes this, but the 'holiday' is about the death of Saint Valentine, or something..
not that I know or care, eh?

I just, kinda think that they whole day's importance is a stupid exuse for people to advertise love products with the hidden message of 'sex'..

can you guess that I didn't have the best valentine day? XD

it's all really fine, though.. I'm not that upset.. I don't have a boyfriend, no.. but I do have a Valentine.. XP.. like 3, actually..
my 'girl friends' (you know, girls that are Friends..?) Michaele, Alix, and Brianna are my Valentines.. my other girl friend, Ruth, would have also been my Valentine, but she doesn't "celebrate" it.. ^^

infact, I had forgotten all about Valentine's Day until mine called me.. XD

no, but really.. forgive my "bah, humbug" appearence..
good for you if you did have a great v-day..
just don't share it with me..

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