[ 28 Days since my last Outburst ]

hello all! ..(aka: the 0 dedicated viewers I have)..
Guess what? Next week is my last week of school!! [awesome!]
I also have Monday off.. so Tuesday is my only full day of school.. Wednesday-Friday are all minimum days (We get our at 12:00).. which is Perfect since that means I get to see Harry Potter 3 way before any of the other little kids get out at 2:30- 3:30!! Yay!
My friends and I are thinking about going to see it together or I might got with my family after my little brother gets out of school, but I'd be in line really early and ready to reserve 8 seats right in the middle of the theatre.. I did so for the first movie when we saw it the first day it came out, and the second movie when we saw it the second day it came out.. ^^ I refuse to see any of the Harry Potter movies later then the second day (lol).. either the 1st or the 2nd- I mean if I was absolutely unable to go the 1st or 2nd day, I'd go when ever I could, but I'd be extremely unhappy.. hehe..
I have to re-read the 3rd book before this Friday so I can compare and contrast..
BUt I also have to study for all my finals before I can start reading- says Mom.. XP
ANYWAY.. I'll ttyl you guys later, I should do some studying.. OR surfing the net.. anyway..
bIEE! ^^

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