[My Birthday!]

It was fun!!
Let's see I woke up at 7:30am (instead of the usual 7:00am -score!), got ready for school, and was dropped off at my friends house. We walked to school and class started at 9:00am. At 12:30pm, class was dismissed and my friend and I walked back to his house at 12:45pm. I was picked up at 1:00pm and actually got to eat my lunch instead of scarfing it down since I got to miss water pollo practice. At 5:00pm, I left for swim team practice; it was a pretty good practice but it ended at 5:45pm instead of 6:00pm because my coach and the other lifeguards had heard it was this other girl and my birthday. They bought two birthday cakes for me and the other girl, and shared it with the whole team! I thanked them a thousand times. =D After I finished my cake, I swam till 7:00pm and went home. I took a shower to wash off the clorine and then finishedd my Spainish One summer school homework. My dad bought pizza for dinner and after, my mom, dad, and little brother sang me happy birthday and we ate a chocolate brownie cake [ Yum! ].

From my mom, dad, brother, I got two Jhonen Vasquez Comic Books (Johnny the Homicidal Maniac -Director's Cut, and SQUEE!), two DVDs (Dudley Do-Right and Monty Python's The Meaning of Life), and a funky siamese cat bobble head. ^^

Oh yes, I also recieved Spooky!!! =D yay!! I was SO happy!! My sister and brother-and-law heard I was obsessed and bought him from the internet for me!! *squee!* =D I squeak him a lot.. lol..

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