[ Not An Actual Outburst ]

Sorry that this post isn't a real outburst- just a post note-ing that next week, on Wednesday July 14, it's my birthday!! =D I've made a list of things I want for my birthday.. lol.. Spooky Squeak Toy (The Thing What Squeaks! -Jhonen Vasquez), Jhonen Vasquez's Comics (I Feel Sick, Fillerbunny, Johnny the Homocidal Maniac, SQUEE!), Lenore Comic Books (The Cute Little Dead Girl -Roman Dirge), and The Nightmare Before Christmas new Special Edition DVD.. =D
Here's a site where you can order Jhonen Vasquez's Comics and his other creations! You can order the Spooky Squeak Toy from there!! X3 Spooky Squeak Toy can also be searched at eBay.com and bought from others there, too.. [ hehe.. Spooky is my Number One Birthday Wish.. =3 ]
lol..and Amazon.com has some of the comics too.. one of the only places to buy Jhonen Vasquez's or Roman Dirge's Comics.. :D
Amazon is where I found the Nightmare Before Christmas DVD.. otherwise I don't know where to buy the Special Edition DVD..
lol.. About eveything I want for my birthday can't be bought from a walk-in store, and has to be bought from the internet.. lol.. (trust me, I checked).. ^^
Well, I talk to you (my blog readers -if any) later, and inform you how my birthday is.. lets hope some B-day Wishes come true! ;D
Bye! :D

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