[1 Month and 3 Days since my Last Outburst]

arg.. I've started the dreaded damn school two days ago.. because my school went "Charter" last year, we're (the school) our own boss and don't have to obey the LAUSD rules.. that's the good thing.. the bad thing is that school starts early.. this year it was August 16, 2004.. last year it was August 18, 2003.. Another good thing, though, is that we get off for Summer early, too.. we got off on June 4th last year, instead of the classic end of June, so we actually got to see Harry Potter 3 during the day without the long lines and crowds.. Anyway, my point is that this year our last day is June 2, and that's not bad at all.
The only thing I hate about school is homework. I love seeing all my friends I missed so dearly during the summer.. and the classes aren't all bad either (except the exams).. But I hate homework.. the first night of school, I had French 2, Algebra 2, and World History.. that's just the bookwork, though.. I also had to buy all the supplies.. lol.. fun.
I think all is okay, though.. I only hate French, and I think my hardest classes is definently Chemistry and my History.. but I usually do well in History, anyway.. just a lot of stuff.

Went to a big Swim Pot-Luck Party for my Swim Team, Water Polo Team, and the Dive Team.. it was fun. All the older boys (none under 14) are stronger now, so they actually picked up the Head Manager of the Pool/Lifeguards and threw him in the pool.. along with all the other life guards.. they even went in the guard office, dragged out one who was trying to eat, and threw her in aswell. Everyone was dunking and pushing everyone in the pool and stuff, and I just felt totally weak.. okay, not totally- none of the girls could have dunked me without double teaming, it's just the older boys could dunk me like nothing (fricken lift me up, and flip me over!).. and when I try to get them back (jump on their shoulders.. XP) they just stand there like nothing. lol..
Except one boy, who I actually dunk after he flipped me over and dunked me twice.. but only cause he was sort-of unsuspecting it.. I like him.. alot (and hopefully he likes me back) and I just wanted to try and get him back quick, but it didn't look like he liked it too much, so I just laughed (nervously) and patted him on his back (and he looked back at me)..
Yeah, it was fun and I ate a bit and got my Regional Medals (1st in back, 3rd in breast, 1st in relay).

By the way, my deviantart account: deathroses.deviantart.com =D

ttyl. *waves*

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