[23 Days since my Last Outburst]

4 Weeks into school, still struggling, still boyfriend-less

Fuck it all.
I actually had a bunch of meaningfull bullshit about my lack of "love life" that I was about to post, but this computer is a piece of shit and slow.. so I stupidly clicked on the "Publish Post" button a couple of times to get it to move quicker and it came to an error page. I clicked "Back" and all the work I wrote (meaning to use it as a monologue for Play Production later) was fucking gone! Fuck it all, and screw Blogger, the Internet, and this computer.
I'll post again when I forget about this shit.
Fuck you.


Tina Marie said...
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Tina Marie said...

Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck.

MIKO said...

I LOVE YOU TINA BE HAPPY AND CHACK OUT MY XANGA...www.xanga.com/mikothealmightyraccoon...love you *HUGS*