[13 Days since my Last Outburst]
..muhaha.. 13..

so.. I've decided.. for Halloween, I'm going to be "mAlice In Wonderland".. my mockery of "Alice in Wonderland" ..love the book, just felt like making it morbid -sorta..
[for the deprived few who don't know what malice means..]

nothing else to say (still bf/gf-less).. But here's an interesting Conversation..
YeahYeahItbaby: whos this?
Curious Meh: [curious]
Curious Meh: lol
YeahYeahItbaby: hey!
Curious Meh: s-l-o-w..
Curious Meh: :-P
YeahYeahItbaby: lol
[ YeahYeahItbaby= James | Curious Meh= ..me ]

aw.. I am SO loved.. XD

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