[5 Days since my last Outburst]

I've been up all night/morning to work on my literature review for "No Exit".
Honestly, all I've completed is Tension.

I get too distracted.
By everything.
Just merely being on the computer.
oh, the lack of boundaries is too tempting.
like now.
but I love it so.

The splattering of rain outside my window is soothing.
I love rain.

I'll look like shit tomorrow..
especially if I never get any sleep.
and I really wanted to take Phoebe out for her belated birthday...
But I can't sleep.
Not until I finish.

Oh, and I added links...
because they're my friends and I love them.
and they're on blogger.
and 'cause I can be creepy and keep tabs on them.
or realistically just check up on their postings once in while.
(in no particular order)
I don't care if they never check here.
But having their links handy is convenient.

off I go to try and continue my review.
my goal is to have it all completed before noon.

au revoir.

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