[14 Days since my last Outburst]
Prom is over.

Full weekend.
It was fun.
The dance was cool. Fun times.
The hotel after was even better. Stayed up till 6:30am. Woke at 8am. Then 9am. Then 9:30am.
Went to Brent's for brunch after about an hour wait.
Went to Azia's after that. Napped for 3 hours, instead of the 1 we had intended. Was picked up, brought home and worked on senior project. Not done yet. Slept at 2:30. Woke at 6am. Went to swim meeting. Left and went to Kim's. Worked on senior project. Missed first period - so did Azia. Rushed to finish senior project. bsed verifications. Rushed to school. Was in class for 20 mins before swim team left for the dual meet. Won my 100 fly, 1:06:57...ish. If so, best time ever.

Anyway. That was the day. Really, Monday felt like and extra long extension on the sat-sunday.

Today I saw an old friend from elementary school at COCO's. Courtney W. Crazy. She's going to UCSanta Cruz... at least if I choose there, that's ONE person I'd know.

Gotta pick a college really soon. Like, tomorrow.
The pressure.

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