[2 Days since my last Outburst]
It's a lovely pattern.

Here I am in my not-so-handy-dandy-but-new-and-appreciated NAU t-shirt at the only desk in my hotel room in Arizona, connected to the internet by a rather annoying cable (that makes me feel spoiled 'cause I'm so used to wireless), awake yet again - up so late at night, yet so early in the morning. Hear me roar.

Ever have such trouble sleeping at night because you're so exausted and thoughts just keep running marathons all about your mind, tantalizing your senses horribly because you feel like you are just about to fall asleep, or feel as if you really need it, but those thoughts just won't cross the damn finish line?
So, I'm laying in bed, prepared to fall asleep, but my mind won't allow itself to rest enough to drift off for lovely rest. Instead, I'm thinking about colleges, prom dresses, prom date, limos, prom night, lack of romantic relations...

You know what my dream is about when I finally drift off?
Senior Project. Watching senior projects.
At least, in a weird way, the girls I was watching present their project did it on prom...prom dresses, make-up, and etc.
Umm... OK.

It'll be fun.
I just hope my mom will end up letting me stay at a hotel with my best friends that night. It would be excellent if I get to, but my mom is overprotective, paranoid, and extreme.

She tells me about this girl who was an excellent student (straight-A's, good kid, never in trouble, etc.) and begged her parents to go to an after party at a hotel - her parents finally say yes, and the night of she's found dead with a bullet in her head because someone with a gun in the next room shot throught the wall.
At first, I'm graciously shocked and scared.
But then I come to my senses and reason,
"It's like being afraid to drive because you'll get in a car accident with a drunk driver."

She has sense enough to agree with me on that point.
We'll see what she finally says.

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