[4 Days since my last Outburst]

I just realized, and it makes me sooooooooo sad, that my link for the lovely Miss Anna C. had an incorrect nickname on it all this time I've had her linked.

It's a random thing I noticed, but as I looked at my things to click I noticed something was off...
Um.. no.

She read for Inez, not Estelle, and it made me frown a bit that I got it wrong.

Nothing of any real importance..
Just to me.
And I felt I NEEDED to make note of it.
Because it was wrong before.
So it's now changed.
And it makes me feel a little better.
Though I'm still sad I messed it up in the first place.

But now I'm good.

EDIT: I rearranged my to click so that now the triumvirate are together, because that is how it should be. But all other order of links is whatever.


a writer of fictions said...

hahah. no one else gave it a thought, i'm sure, tina. don't worry!

(ps. je suis ou je ne suis pas..."i am where i am not" or "i am or i am not" depending on whether you have an accent on ou.)


X&ordm said...

you're so cute, tina. so cute. <3