[7 Days since my last Outburst]
no. way.

My mother is sleeping in my bed.
It appears that this year has been the year for it.
We've shared the same bed quite often this year.

She must be thinking a lot about my graduation.
Which leads to me going off to college. And leaving.
Leaving her.
She probably feels she must be with me all she can.
Even sleeping next to me.

I love her, but it's a tad bothersome.
I'm seventeen years old.
I told myself I wouldn't sleep in my parents' bed again.
I haven't.
She has come to me.

This is only part of it, when I say I am too dependent on my parents.
Sixteen years of age, and there were still moments where I felt I needed to sleep in my parents' bed with them.
Not that they ever minded.
And my mom was always the one to suggest it.
But when I turned seventeen, I decided: No more.

As I said, it's irritating at times.
But I can deal with it.
At least I'm not the one coming to her.
I imagine she'll be quite sad when I'm never home.

Perhaps it is best for both of us if I go all the way to Hawaii.
It'll be scary.
But it'll definitely help me to be independent.