[1 Day since my last Outburst]
I'm on a roll. That'll soon end.

What a day.
What a day.

- Smacked in the head hard right before our first CIF event, 200m Medley Relay. Killed a fly that was on my cap. I was freaking out, thinking it was a bee. "Get it off me! Get it off me!!!" I screamed, thinking it was a bee. I told Azia, "Hit me with a towel, I don't care!!"
She did. And it throbbed a bit after that.
Azia, Kristina, Theresa, and I were just cracking up after that - and out heat of the race was just about to start. I couldn't stop laughing.

- I caught us up on that race when I swam, but we lost it again because Kristina accidently slipped on her dive from the block when I finished. It's alrigtht. We were seated 6th, and got 6th, so it was no lower. And we'll get a medal.

- My 100m Butterfly event was fucking awesome! I was seated 5th place, and my goal was to just get the same time as last week (the best time I ever swam; 1:06:19), and beat the girl again who held 6th (a Clvd girl who's a friend of mine). The entire race I swam, I stuck with this Brghm girl who timed a 1:04 last week. I stuck with her the first 50, and I was thinking that I was swimming a steady pace; I wasn't tired or anything yet. Started the 75, and I sped up, telling myself - it's the final two laps, I need to go as fast as possible. I touched the wall again, starting the final 25m, and I was still right next to the Brghm girl. I thought that maybe she was slower than usual today if I kept so close. I only allowed myself one or two breaths the final 25, and went faster, going all out to finish - to try to finish before the Brghm girl. I hit the touch pad on the wall hard, and pulled off my goggles, looking around as people finished. I glanced to my left (I was in lane 2, next to the spectators), saw my dad in the audience, and he was smiling, open mouth, giving me a thumbs up. I got out of the water, asked my timers (another friend of mine from ECmno) what my time was and she said, "1:03". "What?!" I started to smile, as I moved so I could read the board that read the racing times and places next to our lane numbers. Lane: 2, Place: 3, Time: 1:04:somemilliseconds.
Oh my god! I screamed. There was Azia waiting for me, smiling herself. I grabbed her, screaming and jumping up and down. I couldn't believe it. Not only did I drop two more seconds (my new best time ever), I went from 5th place to 3rd place.

It was sooooooooo awesome.

AND, there's more. But that is a tale for another day.

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