[1 Month and 3 Days since my last Outburst]

Been touring Europe these past 3 weeks. Frickin' amazing. Left on June 4, and we started our tours the 6th. We went through so many places. Italy (Rome, Sienna, Volterra, San Gimiano, Venice - Lido), Switzerland (Vengen, Schilthorn, Lucerne), Luxembourg, Belgium (Brussels), Holland (Amsterdam), France (Strasbourg, Paris), and England (London). Came back the 28th.
Didn't want to.

Didn't miss home.

I missed people. I missed my family and friends dearly. I wished they were with me. I spent lots of time with friends who went on the trip, and made some awesome new friends, but I missed the ones who weren't there; Michaele, Azia, James, the Annas, Jamie...I could go on.
I was really sad to be on my way home. I was depressed on the flight from London to LA. I wasn't ready to go home. Everyone else was - sure, I missed my family. I wanted to see them - but if it meant to go home and see them, or continue traveling, I'd still be out of town.

We landed and I was thrilled to see everyone, but when I got home I felt like crying. It was a mess. I missed always staying in a different hotel room with awesome people I made friends with. I'm sure they don't miss my snoring and my lack of waking up to my annoying alarm, but still.. I hate being home. I didn't miss home at all.

I wasn't even homesick.

I must've been the only one in our group of thirty-one. Thirty-two, counting our tour guide, Alesandro.

I wished I could have got off the plane, said hey - hello to my family and friends, and drag them onto another plane somewhere out of the country. It didn't even bother me that I had no clean laundry. I could wash them, I did it once already.

oh god.

On the plus, I had the best night possible before we left. Saw Phantom of the Opera theatre performance in Her Majesty's Theatre in London. Saw with Shweta, Lynnea, Kiri, and Lynette. No one else from the tour went to see it; cost 50 pounds for our seats, but it was worth it. We had awesome seats. Frickin' amazing. The scene pieces! The scene changes!! The props! The stage - how it was used! The actors and performances!!!! Ohmygod. It was the only thing going through my head all during the performance. Beautiful interpretations too! The only version I had seen to compare it with is the movie, which I adore - but the live perform ace easily wins over it (despite Christine's rather squeakier voice, it was still amazing. She performed beautifully). I never clapped that hard in my entire theatre-going life. I wish I had the incentive to type a complete detail review of the play here, bit by bit, but I'm tired. Overall - AMAZING. I cried.

I had bought two Phantom London shirts (black, white rims, with the second O being the Phantom's mask), a souvenir booklet, AND a pin of the phantom's mask. I wish I bought the program too. the booklet was 5 pounds, and the program was 3,50, but the booklet had pictures - I thought it was better... but if I got the program it would tell us who played who in our performance.. oh well, I'll look it up.

Amazing. I watched the movie as soon as I got home, but I miss the live performance. Makes me KNOW that I need to continue community theatre in the future.

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