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Seriously, a long winded post about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
Read at your own risk.


So, I've been finished with the book since the past Sunday, but busy schedules and such delayed my opportunities to get online. But since I'm finally here...I can't believe it's over. When I had the book in my hands moments after I bought it, it didn't even hit me that I had just bought the final installment of the series. I had all the secrets right in my hands... I stayed away from the table of contents, and the last pages.. and the back fold of the cover - but I was impressed that both folds of the cover did not have any information of the book itself on them; absolutely nothing on the back, and a welcome greeting in the front. It made me smile.

Now then, I really only cried for about four of the character deaths out of seventeen (at least) that occured in this book. Part of it may have been that I was reading with one of my really good friends who isn't as emotional as she reads, but I still didn't cry as I thought I should have. But I was so sorry for each of them.

Poor Hedwig! How unexpected and almost unnecessary! I say almost, in that I think Jo was trying to make up for the fact that she didn't end up killing her three mains, and their buddies (Ginny, Neville, and Luna). I think Jo felt that if she killed all these people, especially the ones that would pull at the reader's heart in mourning for their innocence, it would still be believable that all three of the main students could survive the end of book 7. I am thankfull that the three of them made it - I can't imagine the wizarding world without one of them, but the collaterals were depressing.I mean, Hedwig had even refused to acknowledge Harry's presence moments before her death!!! Their "argument" was never resolved, and she died unsatisfied... poor, poor owl..
And then I was almost positive that Hagrid had died!! boy, I was relieved to see he hadn't.But I was just as shocked as every other character that Moody had kicked the bucket. Has Hermione thought, he seemed so invincible... but again, Jo was putting it through our heads that ANYTHING was possible (including, of course, Harry's death).And George's ear!! I agree, the death scare of George was quickly replaced with relief that he only lost an ear, and Fred's "pathetic" comments on George's joke were great. I too had thought that the Twins' death scare was over for good. How wrong..
Scrimgeor's death was sudden too; we only knew him a book and he was gone.
Ron leaving made me so angry. I couldn't understand WHY he would get so mad that he'd actually leave - I mean, he DID say he was with Harry for good until the end, and then he LEAVES just 'cause he's grumpy and hungry? loser. At first, I was surprised by Hermione's welcome back attitude, but he totally deserved it. I was afraid he was going to be killed while he was gone from Harry and Hermione... admittedly, he redeemed himself by saving Harry. Thanks for that.
Harry's wand snapping?? oh shit is right. I was like, that's it. He lost his owl, his firebolt, his wand - he'll lose his invisibility cloak and die.
3 deaths later, Wormtail was gone as soon as he entered. I felt his death was just a way for Jo to get him out of the way. I mean, he repaid his life debt, and then his OWN hand strangles him? ...okay.
OMG - Dobby!! I was just so shocked. So shocked. At first, I didn't get how gryffindor's sword had stabbed him, then I realized it was Bella's damn dagger. gosh. his last words... so Dobby!
Ron and Hermione's moment was PERFECT. Absoulutely PERFECT! I mean, it took long enough!! even Harry and Hermione kissed before Ron and her did (the horcrux illusion)! Ron ACTUALLY expressed concern for the house elves, and you could tell Hermione was growing faint from his bravery moments before in the chamber ("He was...amazing!"). Their moment was perfectly clumsy, desperate, relieving, and earned a great sigh of content from every cannon fan. Some shouts of victory from some too. =D I can't wait to see it - LOVE the fanarts of the scene so far.
Oh and Crabbe deserved to die for scaring the crap out of me by hurling death curses a Hermione! humph!
And there went Fred. Gone in a mere moment, his amused face frozen in time, and then no more. I was so SURE that Percy was going to be the Weasley to go! It would've been perfect! I predicted that Percy would return, apologize, would be forgiven and loved, and then BAM. Killed, and major grief for the family, earning a bit from the readers too, since he had come back. that way, the weasley toll would have been paid, and people would still feel slightly sad at his death. The very scene where he was fighting the minister with Fred, and Fred's incredulous reaction, I felt was where Percy would go - but then again, Jo had to get me for attempting to guess how her plot worked. As said above.. George not only lost his ear, but his partner in crime, best friend, brother, twin. How could he go on living?!?! Here, my eyes first got watery. It took it a while for his death to sink in, and Percy's insistence to stay by his brother's body was heart breaking.
Lupin and Tonk's death shocked me too. I didn't see Jo killing off all the Marauders.. I felt she just wouldn't. And they JUST got married, and JUST had little Teddy! And named Harry Teddy's godfather!! I felt it was the death of Harry's parents all over again. their deaths gave me slight hope that Harry could'nt die - just because then poor teddy would lose just about everyone. Only his grandmother left. the poor couple. Again, little tears fell in realization that they were gone for good.
Collin's death was pointless. depressing. poor kid.
I figured Snape had to be good, but the beginning of the book did a great job of leading me off the track. His death didn't bring any tears, but I was still sad. I still feel as if he didn't really die, but yeah.. all the memories. I was surprised to see Lily and he grew up together. it was sweet. him calling her a mudblood seemed completely out of place then. as if when Jo wrote the scene in the 5th book, she wasn't thinking about their childhood friendship, so she tried to amend it in this book by making Snape claim that it had just slipped out. still, why would Snape call the woman he loved, the only woman who stood up for him, and practically his only true friend a mudblood? it doesn't make sense - even though she was muggleborn and he was hanging out with the wrong crowd. even though his friends were brainwashing him about pureblood mania, I never felt that he thought of Lily as a muggleborn any way, not to mention a mudblood. basically, I'm saying that the part where he calls her a mudblood doesn't make sense with the rest of his feelings.
As soon as I read the line that has Snape saying, "So the boy has to die," I started crying. Tears steaming, literally streaming down my face. I was bawling as I read the scene with Dumbledore and Snape. I couldn't BELIEVE Harry was a Horcrux; I too thought the magic was too complicated to work like that. I sobbed loudly as Harry acknowledged and accepted his fate of death "for the greater good". I was a mess, and I couldn't read the lines because they were too blurry. I had to blow my nose countless times, and I had a collection of tissue at my feet. I didn't stop crying until the end of the chapter where Voldemort actually killed him. I couldn't stop, and only hicupped loudly, letting the tears fell into my lap and I just stopped reading and fell back, dwelling on the fact that Voldemort had just killed our hero; oblivious to the chapter art on the very next page that would give some insight of what really happened to Harry. Ohmygod, I never cried harder reading a book - and I cry easily reading.
I was ecstatic to see that he was alive. That Narcissa lied to Voldemort just so she could get to her son was brilliant, and I truly love her for that.poor Hagrid, having to carry "dead" Harry to the school, just to have a heart attack that he was alive.
Yes. Neville got that snake!
The battlescene in the great hall was amazing then on. "NOT MY DAUGHTER," was the one line I was unfortunate enough to encounter online before I actually read the book. I was so afraid that the quote would be real, and what would follow. I was thrilled to find it was Molly Weasley in rage. Bellatrix died. Frickin amazing. A little sad it wasn't Neville who hadn't done it - it was almost a lead up with movie 5, showing Neville so ready to pounce on Bellatrix... and the book left hints that he'd love the revenge.. but I guess to save his innocent soul. *sigh*
Oh and the discussion back and forth between Harry and Voldemort, circling like two wolves. amazing. I had to reread it multiple times to let everything sink it, and understand the math that was how the Elder Wand truly belonged to Harry. Voldy dead - EUREAKA!Anyone who TRULY felt that Voldemort wouldn't die was honestly equivelant to delusional. ;p
Basically, Harry won! Huzzah!
The epilogue was fine for me - I was grateful it was included in the book, no matter how much info was actually left out and such. I appreciated that Harry's children were named Lily and James. Pleasently surprised at Albus Severus - definitely a mouthful, but the sentiment is beautiful.
Rose and Hugo, I too wrinkled my nose at, but hey - the R and H I think was what Jo was going for. Ron, Rose; Hermione, Hugo. Whatever. I can imagine that they actually thought of those names. I agree, Ron is a greatly amusing father; "If you're sorted in anything but Gryffindor, we'll disown you. No pressure."
Seriously, I thought that Scorpious was one of Ron's insults to Draco's child - in the same light as, "That's the little dirtbag." I laughed as I relized that it was actually mean to be Draco's son's name.. ^^;
Victoire is alright.. It's from Fleur's french side, I'm guessing... I'm sure one of the Weasley children named their offspring Fred - probably George did. :'(
And I'd be so happy if one of the Weasleys had twins.
Also, if you haven't read in an interview with Jo, Ron and Harry are Aurors - Harry is Head of the Department. Hermione is a major employer in Magical Law Enforcement.. but I just realized we don't know Ginny's profession...
I can't wait to read Jo's encyclopedia of the Wizarding World Post-Voldy!!!!
Deathly Hallows is definitely my favortie book.

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