[1 Year, 1 Month, and 24 Days since my last Outburst]
jeez. long-ass time. what can I say? Xanga wins.

You make fun
yet I'm the one
attempting to do some good.
Or do you really want a neighborhood
where people piss on your stoop every night??
a fallacy in your head
this is Calucutta,
Bohemia is dead.

yay, random singing show tunes with Christianne! It reminds me how Michaele and I would stay up SO late at my house singing as loud as we wanted 'cause my parents sleep like the dead. Good times. I should sing with Michaele again like we used to the next time we sleep over.

The wind whistles through my house madly. It's pretty creepy.
Go figure. First night back in Cali and the Santa Ana winds try and make me its bitch.
Nice try.
In California til Sunday. Then back in two weeks!
Christianne is here with me and we're having a grand time! Christianne, aka: Peter Pan in mah links. Check her out. Tell your friends.

This entry is nothing, really. it's just a lame attempt to jump back into this blogger 'cause it's been over a year. I actually felt bad that I missed the fifth anniversary of this thing. I've ALWAYS come back for that day, and I completely missed it.
ah well.

What's with the sudden re-popularity of blogging? It's was the shit back in middle school, early high school. Then it stopped, as if you were an emo kid if you kept one, especially whining about your love life (or lack of one)...like I did. Do.
Now it's picked back up!
I found out that at least 4 of my friends from university actually keep a blog! randomness.
Oh and it's also a trend to blog about your time in Europe as it happens, apparently.
Well, whatthefuck. I missed out on that opportunity, apparently.
I went to Europe the past summer. Again. I kept a journal too, but I know 3 OTHER people who kept/are keeping web blogs for Europe. Gosh.

Just wondering.
Anyway, this entry hopped around like a flea here. huh.

Pee Wee Herman!

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