[2 Days since my Last Outburst]

Twu luv.
It's a tricksy hobbit.

I feel as part of the minority
because I haven't experienced "true love".

What's the definition of "true love" anyway?
Is it love that isn't false?
Is it honest love?
Is it love that is the most purest thing anyone could feel?

Is it only romantic love?
Is it only love that is equally reciprocated?
Can it be unrequited true love?
Or is that the anti-thesis of it all?

Do I feel true love for my friends?

Is true love in the eye of the beholder?
Does it change from person to person?
If that's the case, how do people know that they're experiencing it?
Is there a published definition?

Main Entry: true·love
Pronunciation: \ˈtrü-ˌləv\
Function: noun
Date: 14th century
one truly beloved or loving : sweetheart

Is it flexible?
Can it be molded to fit anyone?
Is it really all that rare?
Is it really all that special?
Is it necessary?
Do we need it?
Why do so many people long for it?
Including myself?

True love (second definition)
To define true love, would be to ruin it's purity, therefore, It has no definition.
There isn't an example even Shakespeare could describe.

Oh ho ho ho...
being all snarky and smart-alecky, eh?

true love (third definition)
when you would give up your whole world, give up your life, your everything just to make sure that person you love is ok...
A mother would die for their child
-Urban Dictionary online

There are over 9 pages of definitions.

I'd like to experience it
one day
because society makes it important
but I'm content with the many people that I keep safely in my own heart.
There's so many.
Can all of them be deemed "true"?
Or do I need to separate them
and decide which of those I love enough
and which I only barely love?

That doesn't seem right.
My heart doesn't seem to be an exclusive club
and I'd like to refrain from using velvet ropes to keep people out.
Or a bouncer.
No bouncer, please.

Why is it that there is a difference between loves?
True love.
Being in love.
Te quiero.
Te amo.

I'm so confused.

Can't it be enough for me to have all these people that I can care so much about that I can call it love?
Does any other definition matter?

Why do I need more?
Why can't I tell myself that enough is enough.
Don't be greedy, now.
You have quite a few people in your life
that you say you love
and that say they love you back.
What are you missing?
What is there left?
Why do you get so sad?
Why do you need
when you have so much more?

I do tell myself that.
Just not successfully.

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